To complement our other link and arm offerings, we now round out the set with rear adjustable upper control arms (RUCA) for the 2001-2005 IS300/IS200/ALTEZZA and LEXUS GS300/400/ARISTO chassis.  We have built these arms like a tank with interlocking plate steel construction, lifetime poly bushing or spherical inner bearing options and high-misalignment outer spherical ball joint to handle the angles of DRIFT and DRAG  suspension setups as they droop and squat.  The design was rigorously simulated with FEA computer analysis up to a 1500 ft-lbs of radial torque to hold up to the abuse of high HP applications imparting tremendous amounts of grip.



  • Steel plate boxed construction for max strength.
  • 100% Precision TIG welded with interlocking overlapping structure. End fitting is double pass welded to ensure strength and tie in.
  • Camber Correcting design for better contact under squat and reduced camber gain.
  • SuperPro Lifetime Poly bushings for inner mounts or custom Precision FK PTFE Spherical Bearings.
  • Additional 0.75 degrees of adjustment from offset bushings, (bushing option only)
  • Outer ball joint replaced with Precision High-Misalignment PTFE Rod end and monolithic Chromoly taper stud.
  • Outer ball joint set with Belleville washer on the jam nut for addition security.




Our rear arms are symmetric adjusted meaning you adjust both sides by the same amount via the outer rod end thread.  Though it may appear inconvenient, the upper arms should be adjusted as a fixed offset and infinite turnbuckle adjustments can create differences from side to side impacting handling, steering bias. Lower links offer the infinite adjustment for fine tuning and are a better place to manipulate camber and toe changes for a stable geometry.  Alignments are always iterative meaning as adjustments are made to one link, the other will need small adjustments as well.  By fixing the rear upper to a finite offset in graduations of 1/16" we are simplifying the overall alignment process.


Primary adjustment is done with the wheel off as a static offset.  Start with a deterministic number of turns on the upper rod end from fully seated.  This means thread it in completely, then spin it out the same number of turns per side.  The max strength of the rod end will de-rate after 10 turns outward or 0.625" of exposed thread beyond the jam nut.  We strongly suggest keeping the max thread engagement possible to maximize safety. A grade 8 jam nut can be used to extend this range by 2 threads.



Currently these are built with one option for length, however, we are capable of customization and user input.  Camber goals are a starting point but given the specialized nature of wheel fitment and body work, we ask for a center point on the arm length for custom setups and we will also provide a length offset number for our standard configurations.  This means for measurement purposes, we ask that you speculate on what the arm length should be to match vehicle geometry goals for best results. 


Camber correcting: max length will be 0.65" longer than stock, 0.75 adjustment range meaning it will only be longer than stock reducing negative camber or additional negative camber by 0.1", (0.5 degrees). 


SuperPro Poly Inner Mounts: 90 DUROMETER which is 1 step stiffer than the standard RUCA bushings in this location. The best for long life and low maintenance.  Lifetime poly features grooves to hold grease and a break-through material that is unlike any other Polyurethane on the market.  Guaranteed to not egg out, deform or migrate, this is the best Polyurethane we could find and we have looked all over the world.


Spherical Bearing Mounts:  The most precise, free-moving motion transfer connection, these bearings are a must for higher loads and stresses from aggressive wheel fitments. The bearings can produce low-speed squeaking related to the tight interface and PTFE fabric but PTFE dry lube worked into the interface should resolve the noise.


Safety and Maintenance

Like all of our products, these are arm provided for customers to use AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Proper setup, alignment, and installation should be done with reasonable and prudent judgment and any concern should be raised immediately.  Arms should always be inspected within 100 miles of original install and inspection of jam nuts and mounting bolts should be verified to be fastened securely.  Rod ends should be centered on their mount to minimize bias and maximize misalignment. Rod ends should only be lubricated with PTFE dry lube and never grease.  Rubber boots are available however frequent internal lubrication is required again with a PTFE dry lube.


  • $1,350.00
  • $1,250.00

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